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Once Upon A Sign Locations

The signs are up! Look for the more than 30 signs posted in downtown! Here's a handy key to finding them (by location, by author name, and by title)

Signs sorted by (approximate) locationBurnside Park near playground Abanico Viejo by Jayson RodriguezParentified by Unique ImageCity Hall PlazaAn Immigrant Story by Nayely Furcal Jody Listens by Mark BinderWhat Cheer? by Andrew Dean BellKennedy plazaBody and Space by Francesca BinderConnecting Across Continents by Shai AfsaiLocker Punch by Rachel DruckerRelocation by Christopher A. WalkerThe High Chair by JL MetcalfMathewson Street near Washington StreetOde to the Brain by Miles Fox-KemperA Muslim Woman in Covering  by Atiyyah Snow Street between Mathewson and WashingtonNuminous Materfamilias by Mr. Orange LivePROVIDENCE 2013 by S. TourjeeThe Silence That Follows  by Victoria RoseWashington Street between Mathewson and UnionBlack Bodies by Sierra Clayton/Black Ramona FlowersOn the Newport Ferry by Elaine KehoeThe Fledgling by K. Vegh…
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Watch for the Signs

Got a minute? Want a spark? A feeling? An idea? Check out a story poem.

More than 30 panels from Providence-based writers and poets are scattered around PVDFest (June 6-9) in downtown Providence.
Virgo?  Maybe. Stop?  Yeah! Under Construction?  No, we're done. Have fun.
But where are they? You gotta find them! Let us know what you think! Be sure to tweet, instagram and tag us #OnceUponASignPVD

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I submit?

Work for adults or children/families
from Providence-based writers and poets

How long can my panels be?
Titles are maximum of 24 characters. Stories and poetry submissions are a maximum of 3,500 characters (about 600 words) and a maximum of 50 lines in a one-column panel.

Can they be shorter?
Yes! Please!

Can I submit more than one entry?
No. You CAN submit one or two panels.
You can also, submit more than one poem on a panel, but they will be considered a single panel. Maximum of 50 lines in a single-column panel, including spaces between poems and titles.

Does it have to be poetry or story?
Words. “Literature” . So, if you want to try a really short play… go for it.

Will I get paid?
Yes! If you make the final cut, we’ll pay you.
Right now we’re anticipating $75 per printed panel. Payment will come from The City of Providence after the completion of the festival.

Can I illustrate it?
Not …